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Keeping Safe During Flood Season

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States, and recent dam failures in Michigan and upcoming Spring storms are good reminders that flood season is upon us. Whether your home, business, or loved ones find themselves in harm’s possible way, take steps now so you know what to do when disaster strikes. The time to prepare for flooding is before the water starts rising.

Have a flood response plan

Establish a communication plan, prepare emergency supplies, and know what you’ll do if there is a flood. What will you take with you? Where will you go? Who will you meet? Know what to do before, during, and after a flood.

React to potential threats quickly

Once your plan is in place, your goal before a flood is to reduce the risk of damage to structures from flooding. You’ll want to know your flood risk and stay informed of potential disasters in your area. As with most natural disasters, you may not have much time to prepare, so react to potential threats quickly.

  1. Know your flood risk.
  2. Stay informed of potential disasters in your area.
  3. Consider sandbagging and mobile dam installations if time and safety permits.
  4. Elevate critical utilities.
  5. Move furniture and important documents to a safe place.

Flood season safety

No matter how great you prepare, natural disasters can be unpredictable, and your attempts to react quickly to potential threats during flood season may need to be sidelined in the event of an emergency. Just six inches of fast-moving water can knock over an adult, and a mere 12 inches of water is enough to carry away most cars. Do not compromise your own safety and the safety of your team and family.

When disaster strikes, evacuate the area or move to higher ground immediately, taking care to never drive into flooded roadways or around a barricade. More than half of flood fatalities are vehicle related, and many can be prevented by following safety precautions. When flooded, Turn Around Don’t Drown.

Look for help

When you’re ready to react to potential flooding threats, our team can help. We have equipment and personnel in 18 locations ready to serve you with on-hand cleanup supplies to mitigate risk to your property.

We’re here to help you with emergency flood response services during flood season and year round. Contact us at (800) 488-0910 or learn more about preparatory and responsive services.