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Supplier Code Of Conduct

We conduct business with integrity. We seek supply partners who share our commitment to trust, transparency, and accountability. We treat everyone with dignity and respect and foster an inclusive work environment. We perform our work safely and in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner. We will achieve continued success by working closely with our supply partners who demonstrate and share our values.

This Supplier Code of Conduct defines the expectations EnviroServe places on our supply partners to act ethically, safely, responsibly, and in compliance with applicable laws. We believe a unified effort in these areas makes us all stronger, and the Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth the following key areas in which we expect our Team Members and supply partners to strictly comply.

Laws and Regulations

We expect our supply partners to know and follow the laws and regulations that apply to them in their business practices. Obeying the law should be considered the minimum standard. If needed, due to any specific issues with goods or services provided, we ask that our supply partners immediately contact EnviroServe so we can take any actions necessary to also ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. If an issue arises, especially a health or safety issue, we expect our supply partners to immediately alert us to any material issues. We expect our supply partners to assist us in complying with applicable global standards and regulations.

Employees and Labor

We expect our supply partners to provide a safe and healthy working environment at all of their operations and to foster an inclusive and diverse work environment that is free of harassment, bullying, or discrimination. Supply partners are expected to never use, or tolerate the use of, human trafficking, forced labor, or child labor. We further expect our supply partners to meet or exceed all legal requirements for providing fair wages and benefits, humane treatment of employees and contractors, and ensuring safe and acceptable working conditions.


We expect our supply partners to adhere to sustainable business practices and to act in accordance with all local and national laws and regulations regarding the environment, and when controlling and monitoring environmental concerns. This includes areas such as air emissions (including greenhouse gas emissions), hazardous substances, materials disposal, product content restrictions, resource efficiency (including energy and water), biodiversity, and wastewater and solid waste management. We expect our supply partners to meet or exceed all environmental standards and regulations and to proactively work to minimize and mitigate their environmental footprint.

Integrity and Ethical Practices

Actively doing the right thing is a core principle for EnviroServe, and we expect our supply partners to also act with integrity, conduct business fairly and ethically, and to avoid any improper advantage when competing for EnviroServe’s business. We will never offer or accept bribes, kickbacks, inappropriate gifts or hospitality, or other improper incentives to award business. We will avoid any conflict of interest relating to financial interests or other arrangements with our Team Members, which could be perceived as improper, and expect the same commitment from our supply partners. We will work with our supply partners to promote fair business practices, competition, and responsible sourcing. Together, we will protect intellectual property and confidentiality and ensure proper disclosures, whenever applicable. Business will always be conducted with integrity.


Our goal is to have trusted supply partners that follow the above principles as core practices every day. We expect continued cooperation and support for any requests for information that support this Supplier Code of Conduct and provide evidence of compliance. EnviroServe welcomes the opportunity to work with our supply partners to address areas of concern or possible improvements that are identified. We expect our supply partners to comply with these standards, and we reserve the right to end our business relationship if there is an unwillingness to correct or engage in meeting the requirements of this Supplier Code of Conduct.

We value our business relationships with our supply partners and believe adherence to our Supplier Code of Conduct will continue to promote safe, ethical, and socially responsible working practices that benefit all stakeholders. Your timely notice of any concerns or issues will help us to collaboratively make any needed corrections and implement preventative measures to ensure we continue to grow and improve together.

Updated: January 2023

E-mail: Contact our Ethics and Compliance Office at
Regular mail: Address your concern to VP, Ethics and Compliance, EnviroServe, 901 W. Legacy Center Way, Midvale, UT 84047.