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PCB Removal

We are trained and equipped to service or replace PCB-contaminated transformers, including industrial decommissioning and PCB decontamination; recycle PCB-contaminated transformers and non-PCB transformers; and characterize and dispose of hazardous and regulated waste.

PCB Management Services

  • Triple scrub wash & rinse
  • Encapsulation per 40 CFR 761.30 (p)
  • Dust-controlled concrete scarification & removal
  • Characterization & disposal
  • Regulatory reporting

Decontamination Services (Active & Decommissioned)

  • Transformers
  • Presses
  • Assembly lines
  • Pits, tanks & transfer lines

PCB Mega Rule

  • PCB decontamination options
  • PCB grid sampling options
  • PCB grid sampling site characterization & confirmation sampling options

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