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Lab Packing: Choosing the Best Lab Pack Company

Choosing the right company to complete your lab packing is a big decision. Your company, Customers, and community all rely on this process being completed correctly and safely. If mistakes are made, this can leave your company liable for costs due to errors and put the environment and those around you at risk. Vetting of lab packing companies must be thoroughly completed prior to hiring.

So how do you know if a lab pack service is right for your business? First, you must know the basic ins and outs of lab packing, along with the essentials to look for in a lab packing service.

What is Lab Packing?

Lab packing is the process of strategically and systematically packaging smaller containers of “like” wastes together in a larger container for disposal. For example, similar flammable liquids can be packaged together using the shipping name, “Waste flammable liquids, n.o.s.” This service is used in many industries including — but not limited to — laboratories, universities, and hospitals.

Understanding the Lab Pack Process

During the process of lab packing, materials included in packing may be expired, damaged, out of date, or no longer needed for original use. These substances must be sorted, characterized, and segregated prior to packing, and an insulating absorbent material, such as vermiculite, is needed to prevent breakage of smaller containers during transport.

Notably, one of the most important steps of lab packing is the identification and segregation of waste into their “like” categories. When done incorrectly, dangerous chemical reactions may result in environmental release and human exposure.

Once materials have been sorted, packaged and insulated, final lab pack containers must be labeled, marked and transported to a certified disposal facility.

Benefits of Lab Packing

When done correctly, lab packing can positively impact business costs, time management, and compliance. By choosing the right company for lab packing services, Customers enjoy benefits, including:

Reduced Costs

One of the goals of consolidating your waste in a lab pack is to reduce the overall cost of disposal. Rather than disposing each chemical or material individually, you will only be charged for the disposal of each larger container. You can also avoid costly errors, such as mischaracterization of chemicals or the use of incompatible containers, when lab packing is done properly.

Efficient Time Management

Waste disposal typically involves obtaining a waste profile of each material to determine the best waste stream for disposal. In the case of a lab pack, only one profile is needed to approve multiple inventory lists.

Cleaner Environment

You reduce costs and save time by investing in lab packing, but you also help protect the environment. Substances that are disposed of through lab packing ensure proper discarding and minimal-to-no environmental damage.

What to Look for in a Lab Pack Company

Once you have a better understanding of the lab packing process, it’s time to identify the essentials needed in a service provider. When selecting a provider to complete your lab pack needs, consider the following elements:


When a company has a longstanding reputation and years of experience, expertise is guaranteed. Companies that have a strong background in lab packing likely have a better understanding of compliance and packing needs and will be able to more accurately quote a job.


A company’s personnel must be knowledgeable in all things related to lab packing. Personnel knowledge and understanding the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and other regulatory compliance will help ensure the job is properly completed and all compliance requirements are met.


Proper certification must be maintained by a company, especially when dealing with specific hazardous materials. For example, the company’s team should maintain up-to-date HAZWOPER and HAZMAT certification along with upkept transportation permits and environmental accreditations. Look for these to confirm the company is qualified to adequately handle and transport the materials packaged and is knowledgeable in regulatory compliance.

Turnkey Service

Finding a company that offers turnkey service capable of handling all aspects of a job from start to finish is the best option. Qualified companies will help you identify what you have, provide you with DOT-approved containers, package your materials, complete necessary documentation, and then transport your materials for disposal.

How Can I Get Help with Lab Packing?

For more information on lab packing services, reach out to EnviroServe. With over 30 years of experience in non-hazardous and hazardous waste disposal and transportation, our team is trained and certified to meet your company’s needs. Call (800) 488-0910 for help navigating your waste management requirements today!