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Clean, sanitize, decontaminate, and repeat: Keeping your facility COVID-19 free

Social distancing. Stay-at-home orders. Quarantine.

People across the nation are doing their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but what happens when essential businesses need to operate under the same threat of contamination? Keeping facilities COVID-19 free is imperative to ensuring the safety of your team members, preventing SARS-CoV-2 contamination, and continuing business operations.

Protect your business when essential operations need to continue with the below best practices.

Clean and sanitize surfaces regularly

Keep workstations and facilities clear of visible dirt, debris, and dust, and keep cleaning supplies—including disinfectants that meet EPA’s criteria—in cleaning stations throughout your facility. The more easily available these supplies are, the more likely your team members will use them regularly.

Wipe down high-touch surfaces daily and encourage team members to reduce possible contamination by covering their coughs and sneezes, regularly washing their hands, and staying home when they are sick.

Provide regular thorough decontamination

Even with regular cleaning continued COVID-19 contamination is possible on harder-to-reach and high-traffic surfaces, including:

  • Desks, chairs, and machinery
  • Cloth, fabric, and upholstery
  • Door handles
  • Furniture

Essential businesses should consider professional decontamination, such as EnviroServe’s SafeSiteSM COVID-19 decontamination, to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Keep downtime to a minimum

While the time it takes to decontaminate a specific facility or space depends greatly on the size of the building and the contents therein, EnviroServe can decontaminate most facilities within one day. We offer flexible service hour schedules—including off shift hours—to minimize downtime at your facility, and you can be back in your facility 20 minutes after we complete service.

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