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EnviroServe maintains a highly specialized, state-of-the-art fleet. We have the right equipment to collect, transport, and dispose of liquid wastes, wastewater, sludges, and solids, either packaged or in bulk. Our in-house team of mechanics performs regular inspection and maintenance to ensure reliability, and all equipment complies with DOT and ASME specifications for transportation of hazardous material

Vac trucks, Turbovacs, and tankers

Our vacuum trucks can collect sludge, semi-solids, and powders that are otherwise difficult to manage, while our Turbovac tankers quickly collect waste waters and other liquid wastes and sludge with full rear-door dumping capabilities for maximum disposal efficiency. Fiberglass lined tankers are also available for transportation of corrosive materials.

Guzzler High-Rail Vac Truck

The Guzzler High-Rail is a rail-ready, boom-equipped, self-contained vacuum truck that removes contaminated and unwanted materials from track beds.

Roll-off vehicles

Roll-offs are used to contain a variety of solid and semi-solid wastes. EnviroServe provides long-term roll-off rental, with single and dual roll-off trucks available for rapid delivery or pickup. Vac boxes are available to rent for on-site storage of liquid, sludge, and semi-solid wastes.

Drum recovery vehicle

Several EnviroServe drum recovery vehicles move hundreds of drums per week and deliver fresh drums and other packaging supplies to our Customers. Our drum recovery vehicle drivers have extensive expertise and comply with DOT shipping laws and documentation.

Flatbed trailers

EnviroServe’s flatbed trailers can transport a variety of large waste items, including tanks, transformers, and scrap metals.

Frac tanks

Frac tanks are used for the transportation and disposal of liquid waste, sometimes in conjunction with vacuum trucks. Long-term rental of frac tanks is available.

Additional equipment

Dump trailers and light construction equipment is available to accomplish your specialized waste disposal and transportation projects.