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EnviroServe waste treatment: incineration vs fuel blending

Waste Treatment: Is Incineration or Fuel Blending Best?

Waste management is the collection, transportation, processing, and disposal of waste materials. There are numerous ways to properly handle waste, but mishandling or misunderstanding the handling of waste — whether hazardous or non-hazardous — can have noxious and lasting consequences for your business and the environment.  

Highlighted below are waste treatment processes that not only clean up the planet, but also expand your company’s sustainability.  

Incineration Waste Treatment

Incineration waste treatment is, in simple terms, the burning of organic waste/materials in a precise, multi-step method using current technology to manage waste efficiently. 

Benefits of Incineration: 

  • The heat produced from burning waste can be used for generating electricity.  
  • Incineration reduces solid waste materials going into landfills. 
  • Incineration reduces trash volume and decreases the solid mass of waste. 
  • Incineration can safely treat hazardous waste. 

Fuel Blending Waste Treatment

Fuel blending is the waste treatment process of mixing waste and commercial fuels into an alternative fuel with properties that are used for industrial processes. Not all hazardous waste is compatible with the fuel-blending process, and fuels must be blended to EPA specifications. 

Benefits of Fuel Blending: 

  • Fuel blending offers thermal destruction of waste while providing the benefit of energy recovery.  
  • The blends are used as alternative fuels for cement kilns. 
  • Fuel blending conserves natural resources by replacing fossil fuels. 
  • Fuel blending of waste is considered a form of recycling and can support your company’s sustainability objectives. 
  • It can permanently remove materials from the environment, reducing future liability.  
  • Fuel blending is a cost-effective way to dispose of waste. 

Which Waste Treatment Is Right for My Business?

The correct waste treatment process for your business can vary with many external factors. Ask our expert technicians to find out which is right for you. 

The management and disposal of waste are both extremely important, so hiring experienced and qualified waste management professionals is critical to keeping your business regulation compliant. EnviroServe has decades of experience in waste management and waste treatment and can help you navigate regulations with best practices for your business. Contact us today to learn more.