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Prepare Your Rail Yard for Snow & Ice with Hi-Rail Vac Truck Service

Can you feel it?

The cold weather months are upon us, which means…. Snow. Ice. Slush.

It also means an increase in rail traffic as suppliers move away from road travel during months with potentially treacherous road conditions. And while shipping via rail is an efficient and cost-effective way to move goods, it’s only safe when tracks are clean.

Before Cold Weather Arrives

The time to prevent derailments is before snow and ice riddle the rail yard as spilled meal, corn, and other lading on your tracks can endanger your team, cargo, the environment, and the community. Consider a hi-rail vac truck service to remove contaminated and unwanted materials from track beds, such as EnviroServe’s Guzzler High-Rail Vac Trucks and hi-rail vac truck fleet. Hi-rail vac trucks are:

  • Rail-ready
  • Boom-equipped
  • Self-contained

These vacuum trucks can be deployed by RWPT and Class I contracted personnel quickly in case of emergency, or you can schedule service for a later date.

Regularly Inspect Track

Metal expands in the heat and contracts in the cold, so weather fluctuations can cause cracks that lead to broken rail. Inspect your rail yard frequently to repair any damages immediately so they don’t risk someone’s safety. Pay special attention to crossings and flangeways where foot traffic and cars may compact snow and ice. You’ll want to keep rails clear as much as possible.

A hi-rail vac truck can also be used to clear tracks of ongoing winter debris, like spilled cargo or stubborn weather buildup.

In Case of Emergency

Should you experience a derailment, need help repairing track, want to clear tracks with a hi-rail vac truck, or need other rail services, call the “when you need us, where you need us” experts at EnviroServe.

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