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Prevent, Respond & Be Ready: Flatten the curve with SafeSite℠ COVID-19 decontamination

The U.S. is preparing for a phased reopening of local businesses in the coming weeks with many states easing coronavirus restrictions and outlining specific requirements to keep people safe as they return to public places.

However, even as Ohio requires stores to conduct a deep cleaning once weekly and Utah dine-in restaurants reopen with limited seating, businesses themselves are tasked with protecting their employees and customers to continue flattening the curve.

Whether you’re looking to protect your team with SafeSiteSM Prevent or disinfect an area with SafeSiteSM Respond, EnviroServe is here to help you Be Ready with SafeSiteSM COVID-19 decontamination.

SafeSiteSM Prevent

Coronavirus symptoms can appear up to 14 days after exposure, and many with the virus are asymptomatic, showing no symptoms. Even without confirmed COVID-19 contamination in your workplace, your team may be at risk. SafeSiteSM Prevent gives your team and customers peace of mind through:

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SafeSiteSM Respond

For confirmed cases, or if you think you have a COVID-19 contamination, time is of the essence. EnviroServe’s rapid response team provides 24-hour emergency response to provide SafeSiteSM COVID-19 decontamination. We offer flexible service hour schedules—including off shift hours—and keep downtime to a minimum to help keep you in business.

SafeSiteSM Be Ready

Peace of mind matters. Be Ready for whatever comes your way with SafeSiteSM Prevent and SafeSiteSM Respond COVID-19 decontamination.

Where you need us, when you need us… We’ll be there.

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