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4 Benefits of an Emergency Response Agreement

Emergencies like oil spills, chemical spills, maritime spills, floods, and other natural disasters can happen at any time, and often without warning. It’s crucial to be prepared to respond as quickly and safely as possible to minimize impact and remediate damage. One of the best ways to speed up the emergency response process is to have an emergency response agreement in place before the emergency occurs.

What is an Emergency Response Agreement?

Emergency response agreements are signed contracts between a Customer and an environmental business that will provide services in an emergency. The agreement allows the crew to begin as soon as they receive the call.

Are Emergency Response Agreements Required?

Think of an emergency response agreement like a car — It’s there for you when you’re ready, and if it’s fueled up, it will help you get to where you need to be. Same with an emergency response agreement — It’s there when you need it, but it’s always fueled up. So, when it’s time to get to work, the emergency response crew can remediate the area without delay.

Benefits of an Emergency Response Agreement

If you’re wondering why it’s important to have an emergency response agreement in place, here are a few benefits to consider:

1. Both Parties Know What to Expect

Emergency response agreements outline the aspects of contracting an environmental emergency response company, the equipment that may be used, the costs of equipment and supplies, as well as payment terms and other information. Like other contracts, emergency response agreements outline expectations for both parties involved.

2. Speed up the Cleanup with An Emergency Response Agreement

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, a standing emergency response agreement allows the contracted company to get to work remediating the disaster immediately. There’s no need to negotiate terms, establish work procedures, or note expectations because that work has already been done. Instead, the emergency response provider can focus on the project at hand.

3. An Emergency Response Agreement Can Save You Money

Faster emergency response generally translates to less environmental impact. And when the impact is reduced, so too are the costs to remediate the disaster. An emergency response agreement allows you to minimize potential impact by pre-authorizing the responding provider to begin work immediately.

4. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

When you’ve vetted emergency response companies and selected the right provider, you have the peace of mind of knowing a team you trust will be quick to respond in the event of an emergency. To find the right emergency response provider:

  1. Look for a company that provides clean up services for a variety of situations.
  2. Ensure the company has the proper equipment and tools needed for any service you need to have performed.
  3. Review their emergency response agreement to ensure they provide you the best pricing possible for equipment, personnel, and time.
  4. Look for a company that can arrive on scene in a timely manner with the necessary equipment to properly clean up the area.
  5. Ensure they have environmental insurance and the proper OSHA training to support your needs.
  6. Talk to others in your field to see whom they trust for their emergency response needs.

Looking for an Emergency Response Partner?

If you’re looking for a company you can partner with in an emergency, consider an emergency response agreement with EnviroServe. Call (800) 488-0910 to learn more.